Dolce Tentazione

Privileged positioned inside Sassi shopping centre, the prestigious avant-garde Dolce Tentazione patisserie has always been synonym of high quality traditional patisserie, refinement and elegance, both in the sweet and savoury; professional and creative in the catering and gifting service.

Dolce Tentazione offers themed cakes, creation of high quality patisserie, to celebrate any important moment. The baked goods, the mini pastries and the shortbreads are all realised with authentic inherited recipes; our chocolate selection spreads from praline, favoured mixtures, to spiced chocolates for the more adventurous palates; the savouries selection (including the delicious gourmet cakes); and the ice cream (cakes, semifreddo, ice cream scoops) made with fresh milk and seasonal fruits.

Here at Dolce Tentazione the catering has no secrets: an organized breakfast at the office, a wedding, a birthday party, a christening, a family reunion at your home or a romantic candlelit dinner; one more virtue that we have is discretion.